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The Rotary Club of Fortitude Valley

Helping to make a difference in our community

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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Fortitude Valley

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President Dianne Whelan invites visiting Rotarians or anyone interested in sampling Rotary to join us. The table below list our next meeting location and time.
If you require more information or directions, click on the link below.

Next Meeting Location
Date :2019-07-18
Type :Evening
Venue :Osbourne Hotel
Address :766 Anne St
Suburb :Fortitude Valley
Start time5.45pm for 6.15pm
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End Hygiene Poverty

This week we were visited by members of the Rotary Club of Noosa Heads, speaking about their RAWCS project 110 – 2017-2018 – involving distribution of the SpaTap to provide access to running water. Running water facilitates hand washing, food washing, first aid and hygiene in education, home and hospital environments, thereby minimising disease. The flow on effects can include improved education and employment outcomes due to minimised lost time.

Everything is Better with Bacon!

Last week, President Andrew reported on the successes of the Motorfest barbeque. There were discussions on improvements for next time, but overall it was agreed that it was good to work together, lift the profile of the club and raise over $6,500. 1,040 burgers, 1,000 sausages. Thank you to members and family who chipped in to make it all work, and thanks to those who purchased leftover bacon and juice. It was good to hear that even the excess bread was given a good home in the form of school breakfasts.

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We are almost there! Rotary has eradicated 99% of Polio in the world
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